Posted by: goodgoat | 20 January, 2015

Networked World

Goodgoat spent a day yesterday at a workshop looking at a new research tool which helps organisations to collect mass “micro-narrative” and then helps communities and leaders to interpret what has been collected, make decisions on how to shape change and then use the same tool as a monitoring mechanism. A comment was made at the workshop that these sorts of tools are starting to gain traction as the processing ability for data collection is now becoming available (e.g. tablets and smartphones).

I know that Seth Godin (a thought leader) has suggested that people can now make a difference by being uniquely who they are and attracting like minded people via social media (their “tribe”). Trying to make a difference when you have few people around you who think the same way that you do is a challenge. Yet the networked world allows us to seek out others who are like us, who share a vision, or at least an outlook on the world.

I am working with a church which is trying to encourage its local community to live out the theme of reconciliation and am considering how social media might help me in the task of both connecting locally but also with people with expertise in other places (my tribe!)

Time to connect!



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