Posted by: goodgoat | 27 December, 2012

Where’s it all going?

As someone I know has just said…

Because a commercialised Christmas provided little lasting satisfaction, hordes are rushing out to the sales for another fix of the same. When will people learn that lasting contentment is not to be found in externals? :/

I agree with the thinking but am also more concerned with it than ever this year – reports are that more people than ever are going to the sales – I think that this is at least in part due to us being in more austere times and so people are buying goods they can’t afford at their normal prices. That may seem OK, but the combination of only being able to buy things people think will make them happy when prices are cut combined with the fact that those things won’t in fact make them more content indicates we may be heading for an even rougher time in society.

Advent is a time for hope and we need to keep carrying that hope into the world as we enter the New Year.


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