Posted by: goodgoat | 26 December, 2010

Post Christmas Blues?

Well, Christmas has come and gone again (well, actually we’re in the 12 days of celebration of the arrival of Jesus) – something has depressed Goodgoat over the last 24 hours. The opening up of the online environment to shopping (and the start of sales) on Christmas Day itself – is there no part of life that can now be set aside as Holy? In addition to this I have come across Ad Mortem Festinamus – have a listen to the sample here –¬†sounds bright and breezy, doesn’t it?

Well, now think about the lyrics…”Ad mortem festinamus” means “We hurry unto death” – not exactly brimming with joy, is it? I think there’s a huge parallel with the lack of ability of the World to stop and listen for the Angels at Christmas “Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the New Born King, Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild…” don’t they all sound like things we need?

Well, if you’re finding yourself stuck in the rat race and buying more and more stuff, then why not just try a very simple alternative – how about testing something that many millions have found to be true, that we are more than the stuff we own, that God cares about us enough to come to us in the form of another human being, and that if we might only take the time out to talk to Him, we might find we have the biggest, best equipped friend ever – and that might just be the key to a more fulfilled life! Go, on try listening to something like Pray as you Go for a week – only takes about 12 mins a day – what do you have to lose, and what might you gain – and the gift is free! Merry Christmas and I pray for new life in the new year!


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