Posted by: goodgoat | 19 April, 2009

How we spend our money

Goodgoat has been searching high and low for a good deal on his car insurance this week. In the book of Acts [of the Apostles] in the Bible those who had become Christians sold all they had and put it into a communal pot so that no-one was left in need. We are way off this in present-day Christian communities (though some of the responsibility for allocating funding to those in need is now taken by the government and funded by our taxes). So…when did you last look at how you spent money, or shopped around for a better deal? Goodgoat has found that he can save c.£60 by taking his legal and breakdown covers from someone other than his car insurer, and has also moved his phone and broadband to a lower cost provider. Simple searches on sites such as uswitch can throw up all sorts of savings. We can get very lazy just going with the “easiest” lowest effort provision of our services – perhaps a more responsible approach is to shop around and contribute any savings to charity?


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