Posted by: goodgoat | 7 April, 2009

More on washing of feet (Maundy Thursday)

I blogged on this some time ago but my thoughts have moved on a little since then.

One of the best pieces of advice that I have been given was by my mother just before I went to university.  She said “never refuse a cup of coffee, you never know where it may lead.”  You know, taking her advice has enriched my life.

In our culture in the Western “developed” world we tend to share how we feel with people over the ritual of tea or coffee. I think that in our cultural context this is where “foot washing” takes place. We help others with the burden they are carrying, removing the muck on their feet, by listening to them over a cup of something.

So…you might like to consider what cups of coffee you might accept or ask others to share with you!


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