Posted by: goodgoat | 20 February, 2009

Signs of New Life

The Gospel of John shows that darkness has not ovecome light (the Word or Jesus) and holds out a promise to us that no matter what may happen to us there is always an opportunity for a new start – but that can be hidden from view and make us think that it’s not there…

Goodgoat noticed that there are signs of new life after Winter around now – crocusses are showing their bright flowers heralding Spring – but where did they appear from? Goodgoat hadn’t noticed the buds before the flowers appeared, and yet it has happened.

When we are in dark places trust God that there is something new starting to happen that we haven’t noticed yet – then when least expected, will notice something that breaks us out of our darkness if only for an instant – keep trusting – there is more to come – there is light that can overcome the darkness.


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