Posted by: goodgoat | 4 February, 2009

Life Struggle Towards Identity in God

Goodgoat has been struck this week by the story of Jacob.  I went on a course looking at discovering our giftings and motivations and how we develop them. There was a great video shown that discussed the story of Jacob in the book Genesis in the Bible. At the start he goes to his father to get a blessing, but when his father asks him who he is (and in that culture being asked that question is really asking what is your identity) – and he answers that he is Esau (his elder brother). Thus he is deceiving himself and others about who he really is.  

It is only when Jacob wrestles with the angel that he realises his true identity – Israel. This must encourage us to engage with God in dialogue – in prayer – to wait on Him – to have revealed to us the identity that we are called to be.

There are parallels with Jonah, who does not initially accept his God-given purpose and runs from God and perhaps also with Moses who, when he speaks with God at the burning bush does not believe God that he is to lead his people and has to be convinced by God that what He is saying is true.

We are all reliant on God for our very being, God is the Great I AM, the one who makes our existance possible – how amazing, then to come home to realise who we really are – but perhaps also true how important the struggle that makes us realise and then move to being able ot accept who we are called to be in God.

Oh blessed struggling!



  1. Very good article….

    • Thank you.

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