Posted by: goodgoat | 10 November, 2008

More on Communion

While taking Communion this morning, Goodgoat remembered his biology classes.

When bread (a form of starch) is taken into the mouth and chewed it is mixed with our saliva. Now, saliva contains an enzyme (chemical) called salivary amylase. This enzyme works on the starches in the bread and breaks them down into sugars which make the bread start to taste sweeter. In fact this is the first stage of digesting the bread – of getting food value from it.

So…if we are taking on board the Bread of Life (Jesus and the Bible) then we need to take some time to chew it over rather than just reading it quickly – when we take time to do this then we give the Word a greater chance of being sweet in our mouths and make a greater impact on our lives.


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