Posted by: goodgoat | 30 October, 2008

He’s still there

Goodgoat took part in a Bible study last night where we used our imaginations to play the roles of the different characters in the story in our heads using our imaginations (this is called “Ignatian” style prayer).

The passage we looked at was Luke 6:6-11 where Jesus heals the man with a withered hand.

The first time through we imagined ourselves to be one of the Pharisees. Afterwards we discussed what we’d experienced in our imaginations. One of the group said that he’d pictured the inside of the temple where the scene took place as being a cool place out of the sun – somewhere where light streamed through an upper window to illuminate the scene, the light stream filled with particles of dust. This was a place of retreat, a place for relaxation and reflection, a place to find God.

It struck us that even though the place was being run by people who were totally caught up in rules and religious observances, the God of release of captives was still there to be found.

So…take heart if you feel restricted by what you are experiencing in your church, if you feel oppressed by rules – God can still be found there!


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