Posted by: goodgoat | 21 January, 2008

Anglican Communion

What is happening to our Christian home? The Anglican Communion is seen as being under threat of schism. I’m just beginning to realise that this is a growing possibility – and yet in the midst of all the discussions and the suggestion of a Covenant (a statement of what it is to be Anglican, which, to my mind is the sort of legalistic stuff that Jesus would have had something to say about it in the same way as he did to the Pharisees) Archbishop Moxon of The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia seems to be lighting a beacon of hope amidst the gloom:

“Perhaps the challenge is to transcend the old ways of fighting or leaving, to find a new way of discovering what integrity we can trust in each other by virtue of the fruits of our baptism and by how much we may be prepared to live respectfully with what diversity God has given us. It is crucial that we use a Gospel based process of discernment, rather than the litigation, trench warfare and the labelling judgements of the world. We will need to look significantly different from the ways of the world in the way we process what happens from now on to have anything different to say to the world.”

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