Posted by: goodgoat | 30 September, 2007

Being like yeast

Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is like yeast (the book “Matthew”, chapter 13 in the Bible).

I have come across Christians who discourage other Christians from having any friends other than Christians. I am also aware of some churches turning in on themselves, just thinking about converting people and not looking at what they can do once they’re converted. Well, yeast on its own, unmixed with the flour does not bring life – it’s the transformative effect of the yeast when it’s mixed with the flour that is so inspirational.

So…to me at least, this indicates that we shouldn’t just have Christian friends and need to look to the world beyond church – it also suggests, perhaps, that we should be deeply immersed in our communities and do what we feel God is drawing us to?



  1. Good Goat. I just commented on your comment of 15 August on my blog. Apologies for the delay – only spotted it today. This new technology; simple living it is not! 😉

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