Posted by: goodgoat | 23 September, 2007


Churches with pews in them tend to face a question nowadays – “should we reorder the church?”

This means taking out (I’ll say that rather than the more pejorative term “rip”), probably carpeting the space, or perhaps putting down a wooden floor and then having more comfortable chairs.

Well, the pros and cons of that are infinitely debatable BUT – what about church language?

Liturgy (forms and content of church services for worship) is full of phrases to “We Glorify You, Oh God” and references to Jesus as “Lord” – worship songs keep telling God how “Worthy” He is (I’m sure He knows, but perhaps we’re repeating it to tell ourselves?). Goodgoat got a bit sick of it all tonight at his evening service – now don’t get me wrong I love the richness of liturgy and having to work hard at getting to the inner meaning of texts – BUT, we don’t use this language in everyday life, do we? How about we spend some time reordering liturgy as well as churches – perhaps that way people enquiring about Christianity may see things more clearly?


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