Posted by: goodgoat | 12 September, 2007


Goodgoat can easily get jealous about other people’s abilities or what they seem to be doing compared to himself. Here’s something that may help if you feel the same way – Have you ever listened to the last movement of the Durufle Requiem (the “In Paradisum”, i.e. “In Heaven”)? Well…go on…take a listen it’s a beautiful work – but listen especially to the last movement – towards they end, and for at least a page in the music the choir sings nothing but one note for the entire page – just one note.

Now, I would have thought that this would make for boring music – but go on, listen to it – it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard. How can this be? Well, it’s all in the accompaniment – while the choir is singing its one note, the orchestra (or organ in one arrangement) is providing chords that support the choir and make the whole thing glow.

Now…how does that help? Well, whatever our own simple tunes – even if it’s only on one note, God can make us into the most beautiful music that can mean more to others than more complex tunes. 


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