Posted by: goodgoat | 18 August, 2007

“Cast your cares upon the Lord…

“…and He will sustain you.” That’s a quote from Psalm 55 verse 22 (you’ll find the Psalms to me more or less the middle book in the Bible).

I’m often intrigued by how some things that the Bible suggests are later echoed by organisations or people who are not, or don’t appear to be on an initial look, associated with the church or the Christian faith.

A friend refered me to something called the Sedona Technique – it seems to be portrayed as a panacea that cures most ills but at the core of it is the suggestion that if we release our negative emotions then we free ourselves up to live life more fully. It strikes me that this is very close to what Pslam 55 is saying – and for one I would prefer to think of me giving my cares or burdens over to someone who can take them and help me to sort them out (God) rather than just dropping them.

I’m also quite reassured that if the truth from one tiny half-verse of the Bible seems to be built into a business of helping people to make more of their lives, how much more can people get by looking at more of the Bible – as one friend calls it “the maker’s handbook for human beings”?


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