Posted by: goodgoat | 15 August, 2007

Reflection on Assisi

I was lucky enough to pass through Assisi driving back to the airport from my holiday on the Tuscany/Umbria border.

I decided to go to the Basilica to see where St Francis is buried. I had been to the Basilica before – both as a tourist and also to sing but this was my first visit since I started down the path to be a Franciscan Tertiary.

It was good to see the story of Francis outlined on the frescos in the Basilica – and the audio guide gave a good description of what each one contained. I then ventured down into the lower levels, eventually ending up near his tomb (at least I think that’s where I was!)

Very little of this made an impression on me at any depth – it was only when I took a turn into a side room that something struck me – and that was seeing Francis’s brown tunic – a piece of clothing that had clearly been worn a great deal, it gave the impression of a pair of well worn in comfortable shoes and different sections of it had been replace as they had worn out – so it was a bit of a patchwork – but the thing that struck me was that Francis was a real person, that he was human, and the humility shone through – quite difficult when you’re surrounded by oppulance to Francis’s memory…and some of the monks who were around reminded me more of Friar Tuck than someone who was living entirely by God’s grace (or am I being unfair and it’s just that God has been very gracious to the First Order monks?)

Well, sorry, being a bit judgemental here.

I also met a couple two weeks ago who are looking at how religious communities are established – and they said that often by a charismatic leader but that the words and principles then became the centre of the community rather than Christ…

So, how can we ensure that our lives are centred on Jesus Christ and not allow our busy-ness and the ideas that Jesus inspired in charismatic people in the past to stop us from listening to what He has to say to us today?

Your comments please!


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