Posted by: goodgoat | 14 July, 2007

Tertiary Franciscan (TSSF) Cluster Meeting

I went to a meeting of Tertiary Franiscans today. The Bishop Protector (quite a title, huh?) gave a talk on “What Does the Church Expect of Tertiaries?” and this is my summary of what he said (note it’s my words, so I may have got some of it wrong):

1. Be an order in community – movement under discipline

2. Prayer and Sacramental life (at this point he bewailed the disappearance of daily Holy Communion in many churches) value of daily prayer and let others know about why it’s important to us so as to encourage them

3. Live out ideals of Francis and Clare in contemporary society, poverty, childlike delight and outbreaks of foolishness, bear pain joyfully

4. To hear again the command to rebuild Christ’s church. Love the church as a wonderful and sacred mystery with mission to change church including the bits we don’t want to change 5. To hold Franciscan way before the church when 1st and 2nd order are struggling

6. Welcome those still seeking spiritual meaning

7. To look demanding but attractive – we’re not great self publicists

8. To be risk-takers for Christ – not imposing order too soon on new ventures and not living in a blame culture

The bit that resonated with me the most (for a reason that I’ll blog about later) was the thing about being called to build the Church… What are you being called to do?



  1. I live in Perth W Australia and I would like to become a tertiary Franciscan. I know the franciscans for more than 40 years.

  2. Suggest you contact the Bishop of Perth who is a Franciscan himself (as I uunderstand it). He should be able to point you in the right direction. With every blessing. Goodgoat.

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