Posted by: goodgoat | 10 July, 2007

I had a dream!

It was a strange dream. Someone I hardly knew was riding in a taxi with their feet sticking out of the window. How was I going to interpret that??? Well, I’d been talking about dream interpretation with someone who had studied it from a Christian perspective and he had told me that vehicles were about business – so a taxi seemed to be a small business. Then what about the feet – well, as you can see from my previous blog – I see feet as referring to helping someone. So, there I had it, I was being called to help someone I hardly knew in their smallĀ business – and the following day, they asked me to do just that.

Now, in addition to this, only today I was chatting with this person (who I now regard as a close friend) and they said that when I had started to help them they had prayed searching out what else would be present in our paths crossing – and as you can see, we have become friends and seem to help each other along the road.

I’m far from used to how God helps us along out paths – but this encounter has been a milestone in my life. Who is God calling you to meet today? We are partly defined by our relationships – how are you being called forward today?


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