Posted by: goodgoat | 16 June, 2007

Thoughts on Easter Sunday – Why didn’t they recognise him?

My grandmother died in 2007. She had got to her 90’s and had had a full life. The morning of the funeral I got a call from my mother – did I want to go and view my grandmother in the chapel of rest? At first, I thought “no” but then I realised that I had never faced death so I decided to go. I was accompanied by a priest friend and went in to the chapel of rest with some trepidation. I took at look at her body and very quickly realised that there was nothing of her left in the body and that she looked quite different. The absence of life had changed her appearance.

It’s always puzzled me why, in the recounting of the story in the Bible, e.g. The Gospel according to John, chapter 20 verses 14-16, people didn’t recognise Jesus after his resurrection (for more of a debate about the resurrection see Bishop Alan Wilson’s Blog). I can see that if the absence of life makes us look different then could not the addition of new, resurrection life, also make us look different?


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