Posted by: goodgoat | 16 June, 2007

Hello world!

Some time ago someone told me that they thought that I should share thoughts with people…I’ve been a bit reticent to be honest…as someone once said, “wanting to be a Bishop is the first thing that would exclude you from being such”. A friend started her blog some time ago and has finally helped me over the hump of getting round to setting up this one (thank you, Rosalyn).

So…why goodgoat? Well, it stems from a book called “Good Goats: Healing Our Image of God”, a book that I have found to be very useful in my Christian journey – well worth a read – and I’ll keep you in suspense about the content until a little later.



  1. Great that you have started!

  2. Thank you – especially for your help in getting started!

  3. A belated welcome, but welcome all the same. I, too, am in possession of a copy of ‘Good Goats.’

  4. Thank you, Greenpatches – just taken a brief look at your blog and think I will return soon – especially taken with the diagram which is far too close to my desk for comfort.

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